Find An Influencer With Your Target Audience

June 19, 2018

Finding an influencer with the right target audience can be difficult and time consuming, especially for a brand that hasn't used influencer marketing before, and isn't in the know when it comes to influencer collaborations. Many brands choose the influencers they want to work with for one of two reasons - because they like their content and therefore think they will create beautiful imagery for their brand, or two, because they 'look' like the type of person who would sell their product or service well.  Both are important aspects when looking for the right influencers to work with, however there is one more aspect that too many brands overlook, one that is incredibly important, one that is why influencer marketing has become the phenomenon that it is... the audience! The influencers followers, the very people that not only follow the influencer you pick to collaborate with, but also the same people you want to become your customers, the very reason you enlisted the help of the influencer in the first place. Always consider the audience!


Imagine you are a UK focused brand and your launching a new product which only targets the UK market. After days if not weeks of searching for an influencer, you think you have found your all-star lineup. They look the part, have a great feed and will be the face of your new range. After launching the campaign and receiving lots of engagement on social media you look at your numbers and see no real sales, no new customers, not even a noticeable increase in traffic? You then realise that it turns out 90% of your “all-star lineups” followers have no interest in your products, as the majority of them are based in the US and more than half of them are of the wrong age group or demographic. If that sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

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We believe that it is a combination of all three aspects that makes for the best and most successful collaborations. The look of the influencer, ensuring they match your brand. The content, which will be seen by thousands if not millions of people, both through the influencer and yourself (don’t forget to re-publish and share the content you paid for), almost like an #ad. And finally the audience, the very people you want to buy your product or service. Well to your delight, The Blogger Programme recently launched the DISCOVER feature - a search function that lets you filter influencers by their audiences, whether that's their age, location, interests etc. You can align your target audience with that of your brand, saving you time, money and ensuring that the influencers you work with are going to give you great results!

If you are a brand looking to use influencer marketing as a way of increasing traffic, awareness and ultimately boosting sales for your brand, then get in touch with us here at TBP: