How To Create An Effective Influencer Brief

July 10, 2018

Are you looking for the perfect influencer for your brand but are unsure how to go about reaching out to them and securing them for your next campaign? We suggest creating an influencer brief  - what's an influencer brief I hear you ask? Well we have given you a quick step-by-step guide to writing your first influencer brief, to make the process much easier for you.

Brand Introduction

Having a brand introduction is key to an influencer brief, as ultimately the influencer needs to know what your brand offers and if your brand is of interest to them and their audience. Include things like: what the brand is, how long has it been around, what is your background story and mission going forward? What audiences are you wanting to reach? This is the part where you want to get the influencer excited about your brand and want them to be part of your growth and journey.


Next, it is crucial to add an overview of the campaign and include what you would like from the influencer. Why are you running this campaign? What are your goals at the end of the campaign? Is it a particular product or service that you are promoting during a certain time period? Again, you want to make the influencer excited and curious about your brand and campaign idea, as this gives them more incentive to want to collaborate.


Giving the influencers a clear outline of what content you would like them to produce is really important, and if this part is clear and concise, it creates a great foundation in building a long term partnership. A key bit of advice we would give to brands, is to allow the influencer to be creative and organic with the social posts. Of course give them some guidelines and direction, but let them do their jobs by being the content creators. We have found content that is produced in this way to be so much more effective and organic. Deliverables should also be included in the requirements section, which includes the date and time you want them to post, as well as the social platforms and social handles you want them to post and tag. An example would be:

1 Dedicated Instagram post featuring the product and #Hashtag

1 Instagram story with @Tag and Swipe Up Feature to website

1  5 minute Youtube video creating conversation about the product


Compensation is also key  when working with influencers. Whether your campaign is paid or gifted, you need to let the influencer know your requirements, and hopefully, they will agree with what you offer. For micro-influencers and those with a smaller following, they might be more inclined to promoting your brand on a gifted basis, however bare in mind that the larger more established influencers do this for a living, and therefore need to be paid a fee depending on their followers and engagement. If you are unsure of fee's when working with influencers, check out another recent blog post of ours for a better insight into compensation.

Call To Action

This is your last chance to rally up and get influencers to apply to your campaign. Standing out from the crowd is essential as you want influencers to work with you, so highlighting key benefits of the product or brand is a great way to draw attention. Suggestions could include becoming a brand ambassador, or offering an invite to an event or launch party, or continual gifting for them going forward.


If you are a brand looking to use influencer marketing as a way of increasing traffic, awareness and ultimately boosting sales for your brand, then get in touch with us here at TBP: