How To Find The Perfect Influencer In 2 Minutes

June 14, 2018

Working with influencers can be a pointless exercise if you aren’t working with the right ones for your brand. Selecting profiles based on the size of their followers isn’t necessarily the right way of measuring how suitable they are for your brands campaign. So we’re here to give you a step by step guide to finding the perfect influencer for your upcoming campaigns using our discover search on The Blogger Programme's platform within 2 minutes.


Step 1.

Firstly select your location. This step can often be under rated but is actually the most important. It’s essential in order to ensure you have picked the best suited influencer for your brand. This feature isn’t restricted to just one location, so if you are running a campaign across various different countries it can cater to that.

Step 2.

Secondly, select your genre. This allows you to pick relevant influencers for your brand. You can filter our search engine to find profiles that will suit the field or sector you are specifically looking for at the simple click of one button.

Step 3.

Thirdly, select your followers. Here you can chose which platform you are going to use for your upcoming campaign and (if applicable) you can add a minimum following requirement. For example, if you are looking to run a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter but only wanted to collaborate with someone who had 20k followers/subscribers or more, you are able to specify this. You are also able to set a combined following rather than the individual platforms themselves to further narrow down your search.

Step 4.

Next, select your engagement. This feature allows you to set a minimum engagement rate for your influencer. You can simply increase or decrease the rate using the sliding tool bar feature.

Step 5.

Finally, select the target audience. This step is the most exciting feature as it specifically allows you to search for influencers based on your desired target audience using the below options.

- Audience location

- Audience gender

- Audience interests

- Audience age range

If you aren’t already considering this in your campaigns, then you need to be. Once you are happy with your set requirements you can simply hit the search button and allow the platform to find you the most suitable influencers based on your criteria.

Once you've followed all the above steps, you have the perfect method in place to find your perfect influencer!

The Blogger Programme supports brands and agencies to find, analyse, and work with influencers across all major social media platforms. If you are interested in learning more about finding suitable influencers for your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns, or alternatively if you would like us to provide you with some of our recent case studies, please get in touch below.

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