TBP Spotlight: 5 Influencers Under The Age Of 10

Feb. 6, 2019

Here at TBP, it has come to our attention that anyone at any age can be an influencer, even a little one as young as 4 years old! Yes thats right, in this weeks spotlight we bring you 5 influencers under the age of 10, who have won over the hearts of thousands with their infectious content on social media (most of which are run on platforms by mum & dad). Let’s take a look… 

Ryan - Ryans Play Reviews

Ryan is a 7 year old YouTuber who reviews the latest toys and gadgets to his incredible 18 million subscribers. A video of Ryan searching the aisles of Walmart nearly hit 10 million views in just one month, and he is a favourite among young YouTubers all over the world. From the help of his dedicated parents, Ryan uploads weekly YouTube videos and has partnered with some of the top toy brands. 

Ava & Alexis - @mccluretwins

Ava & Alexis are 5 years old and are are very cute pair of identical twins! They are seen on their Instagram wearing matching outfits, making short Q&A videos and taking pictures with their family for their 1.6 million followers. As well as being Instagram sensations, they also have a YouTube channel with an amazing 1.1 million subscribers.

Mila - @kcstauffer

The sassiest but cutest 3 year old we have ever seen, Mila! Mila’s mum Katie runs an Instagram account where she regularly posts photos and videos of Mila and her sister Emma. Mila’s short videos of her sassy and hilarious attitude towards adult topics has seen her grow a following of over4 million followers

Bailey - @baileylennon

Bailey, aged 6, has an Instagram account dedicated to his wonderful relationship with his Dad. You can find hilarious challenges and pranks that they both get up to on a weekly basis. We have a soft spot for their rather cute “like father like son” video - go check it out!

Isla - @idk_littlemiracles

The youngest of the group at just 2 years old, is Isla. Isla does lots of fun activities with her mum which are uploaded to Instagram weekly. We get an insight into her daily life: making cakes, going shopping and most importantly, get to see her incredible talent for lip-singing to famous songs such as Shallow by Lady Gaga. 

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