TBP Spotlight - 5 Luxury Influencers To Follow

April 24, 2018

The word luxury is getting used rather frequently in the world of brands, so what does being aluxuryinfluencer actually mean? Almost all luxury brands serve a strategy based on exclusivity, and offering VIP access to their brand is how they showcase it to the world. People who are aspirational will always look up to these brands, wanting the lifestyle they perceive to be associated with the product. Therefore, a luxury influencer is one that piques the right kind of interest of the target market the brand is looking for. So we felt it necessary to let you in on 5 luxury influencers that we think are slaying the game in the luxury market right now…

Lydia Millen @lydiaemillen


Lydia is not only an Instagram phenomenon but also a YouTube sensation! Lydia is known for uploading her popular designer hauls on YouTube and posting chic and sophisticated content of her latest designer purchases on Instagram. Lydia has collaborated with the likes of Net-a-Porter, Balmain and Chloe, and her followers are known for purchasing her recommendations the moment she announces them online.

Nathan Rollinson @therollinsonlondon


Nathan aims to inspire the everyday life of men and women with his elevated, luxury style that covers fashion, interiors and travel. Deaf from birth, it seems that Nathan’s extraordinary observational skills compensate for his lack of hearing as his photography has allowed him to gain 96,000 loyal followers in under two years. Nathan is known for working with top London hotels including The Lanesborough, The Mandarin Oriental and more.

Aggie Lal @travel_inhershoes


Aggie is taking over our Instagram feeds with her incredible imagery of her many luxurious travel experiences. Aggie has collaborated with many luxury hotels and travel destinations to create mind blowing content of the beautiful places she is visiting. Aggie’s most recent trip was to the Siargao Island in the Philippines - we might just be a tad envious of her globetrotting adventures!

Ali Gordon @aligordon89


Ali Gordon is another popular luxury influencer who has taken the world of Instagram and YouTube by storm. Ali has worked with the likes of Mulberry, Longines and Ferarri and is known for his ability to work with luxury brands with authenticity and sophistication. Ali too, has the ability for a product to sell out soon after promoting the brand on his any of his social channels.

Kamara Jarv @euriental


Kamara is a new blogger on the scene but definitely one to watch! Her blog and Instagram areoutlets showcasing her infatuation with luxury fashion and travel experiences.Kamara has the ability to bring a city, hotel and destination to life with her incredible content and photo styling. Her most recent trip saw her in the Citadel of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka overlooking the most breathtaking views.


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