TBP Spotlight - 5 Mummy Influencers To Watch

Aug. 22, 2017

Here at The Blogger Programme we have had an influx of campaigns that require all things mummy, and because of this we've got to know our mummy bloggers really, really well! Everyone knows how special mums are, so we’ve chosen our top 5 beautiful parents who

1) Slay the influencer game

2) We secretly wish we could join in on their family fun for a day or two!

Looking to adopt, anyone?

Fritha - @tigerlillyquinn


Firstly, what a cool name! We love this yummy mummy because not only does she get bonus points for giving her children the coolest names ever (Wilf and Mabli), Fritha is an award winning lifestyle vlogger and blogger, contributes to NOW magazine so is a total #girlboss,andwears cute outfits. Winner from us!

Harriet - @tobyandroo


Another one of TBP’s faves is Harriet from tobyandroo. An absolute dream to work with, her super funny and relatable captions on Instagram will have every other mummy blogger reading them thinking “I know the feeling!” A totally honest and authentic blogger with kids as cute as buttons.

Karen - @mywinterandjonah 


We love Karen and her blog because firstly her kids are just SO darn cute. For relatable and real insta posts that keep you wanting to know what’s going on in her day to day life, Karen offers tips and tricks from parenting, fashion, photography and even how to travel successfully with kids abroad - I think this is every parent’s dream?

Emily - @brickdustandglitter 


Emily is not only one of our favourite yummy mummies, she’s also an influencer #inspo. Her Instagram feed and blog are the ultimate theme goals with content that covers travel, home interiors, fashion and lifestyle presented in the most gorgeous bright and flowery feed. Emily shares her pictures in a light and bright filter with pops of colour coming from all the fresh flowers she finds - we love a bunch of flowers here at TBP and she delivers content that all mummies are after!

Emma - @emmaplusthree 


Here at TBP we’re all about keeping it real and authentic, and that’s why Emma makes our top 5 list. With her daily Instagram posts that share her trials and tribulations with the kids, we love how genuine she is! Emma’s not afraid to say when she’s had a rubbish day! We love that she covers content for every mum - travel, health, home and reviews. Check out her blog and give her a follow!

With over 30,000 influencers registered worldwide, The Blogger Programme will no doubt provide you with the most relevant and ideal influencers for your campaign. If you're a brand looking to work with some of our yummy mummys or influencers across any other genre get in touch at hello@thebloggerprogramme.com or visit our site at www.thebloggerprogramme.com


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    Christmas Cocktails With Shay & Blue

    by thebloggerprogramme

    Task Type:Event
    Looking For:Any Age, Unisex, United Kingdom
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