TBP Spotlight: Top 6 Influencer Collectives

July 17, 2018 (08:31)

This week we bring you 'influencer collectives' that we think you should be working with! From fitness friends, talented twins, fashion-forward triplets and an entire Instagram family, these influencers have utilised their collective talents to grow large social audiences together. If you’re looking to partner with a ready-made influencer squad, using combined influence to broaden your reach, look no further than these guys...

Twice The Health


Twice The Health is made up of two great friends,  Emily and Hannah, with a mutual love of fitness and food! Emily is a nutritionist and Hannah a Personal Trainer, and they both met while studying at Cardiff University. Their matching outfits, bouncy blonde manes and extensive knowledge of the wellbeing industry has seen their following sky rocket, and they have gone on to work with brands such as Women's Health, Active In Style and FitBit.

Lucy & Lydia Connell


Lucy and Lydia are twin vloggers known for their love of fashion and music, and several of their dynamic recreations of popular music videos have gone viral online. The sisters have a long-documented relationship with Perrie Edwards from the famous girlband Little Mix, and she is more often than not featured on their YouTube channel and Instagram pages! The duo have a combined following of over 600K and have worked with the likes of Disneyland Paris, Eylure and even created their own design with Tangle Teezer!

The Pukka Family


You guessed it, a real life Instagram family! Anna is the blogger behind the first popular parenting site Mother Pukka, then came Lucia, also known as Grandmother Pukka, who shares her life and experiences with her family. Then we were introduced to Karen, also known on Instagram as Sister Pukka , and finally, Papa Pukka came into the world of Instagram! The foursome are regulars on Anna’s blog and often pop up on each other’s Instagram pages, showing the ups and downs of parenting and real family life.

Sydney Crouch & Ellie Jarrett


Sydney and Ellie are two best friends that talk everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle over on their YouTube channel SYDANDELL. The two beauty-obsessed, fashion-forward bloggers have worked with big brands including Beauty Bay, MUA Cosmetics and more! Their infectious chatter, real talk and relatable natures have seen them grow a huge fan base of loyal young females!

Hand Luggage Only 


Yaya and Lloyd are the faces behind Hand Luggage Only, a blog that shares travel stories with other like-minded travellers. The boys cover everything from travel destinations, food, photography and lifestyle, and have created some of the most breathtaking travel content over on their Instagram.

The Aziz Sisters


Alice, Nadine and Farah Aziz are fashionable siblings based in Beruit. They are all models and creatives with popular individual Instagram pages, where they share style inspiration, beauty tips and insights into their glamorous lifestyles! They have worked with many international brands and featured in the likes of fashion titles including Vogue Italia.


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    Task Type:Product/Service Review
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