Help and Frequently Asked Questions

TBP Verified

  • Why should I get TBP Verified?
    The TBP Verified status has some exceptional benefits such as: - Priority access to our TBP exclusive events (Fashion Week, influencer trips, press events, and more!) - Priority listing on Discover - Priority application to Opportunities It also provides you with in-depth stats about your engagement & audience.
  • Why aren't my accounts listed in the dropdown?

    Is the Instagram Business Account connected to a Facebook Page? The best way to ensure this is correctly connected is through the Instagram App:

    1. Go to your profile, then settings;
    2. Select "Switch back to personal account";
    3. Select "Switch to business account";
    4. When prompted to "Connect to Facebook", select "Choose Page", and select the desired Facebook Page.

    Have you granted manage_pages permissions to TBP, for the Facebook Page that is connected to the Instagram Business Account? The easiest way to ensure this is correct is to remove your Facebook connection in the "Connections and Verification" Settings Page, and reconnect, granting all of the requested permissions to TBP.

    If none of the above helps, it may help to force a refresh of Facebook's app settings.

    1. Visit Facebook
    2. Go to Settings
    3. On the sidebar, select "Apps and Websites"
    4. Under "Preferences", in the box labeled "Apps, Websites and Games", select "Edit"
    5. ***WARNING: this next step will log you out of other Facebook enabled apps, and remove their access until granted again*** In the pop-up dialog, select "Turn Off"
    6. In your TBP Settings, go to "Connections and Verification"
    7. Select "Delete all data"
    8. Select "Connect (Get TBP Verified)"
    9. Select "Turn On Platform" when prompted by Facebook.
    10. Step through the Facebook pop-ups, granting all permissions when prompted.

🏷️TBP Verified